OD & Talent Management Community of Practice

OD & Talent Management Community of Practice

In May 2017 the East Midlands Organisational Development and Talent Management Networks merged to form one community.  Using the ‘Developing People-Improving Care’ Framework as a lever the Network began to explore where OD and TM align and understand the recommendations identified to create great leadership, collaborative cultures and improvement methodologies within our health and social care systems, at a local level.

Building on from this work EMLA would like to invite the East Midlands Talent Management and Organisational Development community to a series of interactive sessions to build a Community of Practice in which practitioners can:

  • create opportunities for mutual engagement
  • identify the necessary conditions for CoPs to grow and become self-sustaining
  • produce and share a set of communal resources including stories of good practice and relevant tools
  • negotiate the meaning and direction of activity to create a sense of 'joint enterprise'
  • explore how participation in CoPs shapes the formation of different identities and modes of belonging

These meetings will involve input from subject experts as well as facilitated CoP sessions in which practitioners can share good practice and relevant resources, forge connections with colleagues across the region and be exposed to diverse ideas and approaches in their respective fields in order to respond to the recommendations detailed in the national framework.

Next Event:

17th October 2018