Innovation & Improvement

About the programme       

 Would you like to…

  1. Lead the delivery of improvement at a systems level both efficiently and safely?
  2. Create energy for improvement in the midst of fatigue?
  3. Empower people to think creatively to improve the health of your local population, patient outcomes and people’s experiences of health and care.

The East Midlands Leadership Academy is working in partnership with Stephanie Fade, Director of What Matters Cubed, to offer an innovative, practical and integrated three-day leadership programme for people with a passion for system wide improvement.

Whilst we all have it in us to be innovative, being able to translate an idea into practice often requires a different set of skills that are often scarce within the public sector.  With the demand for services increasing and funding to support delivery decreasing, the need to think creatively and implement innovative solutions is increasingly important.

Programme design

Participants will have a practical, inspiring and fully integrated experience where each day’s learning builds on what went before and on the pooled experience of the cohort. You will be:

  • Equipped with evidence based tools and techniques
  • Challenged to think differently
  • Inspired to visualise and act on the art of the possible and
  • Supported to build lasting relationships with colleagues across health and social care to enhance your ability to lead improvement across your career.
  • Able to tackle a live improvement challenge and will be invited to present the outcomes of your improvement project at a conference autumn/winter 2017/18.

Programme outcomes

 By the end of the programme participants will have:

1. Developed their network for improvement to reflect all relevant parts of the healthcare system with specific reference to a live project.

2. Formed a Community of Practice (Wenger et al 2002) to support a live improvement project

3. Used their personal power for improvement as a “top”, “middle”, “bottom” or “customer” in relation to a live work or personal/family health related issue.

4. Worked with senior responsible officers or equivalent to define a brief and mission for an improvement project using the ‘rope of scope’ technique

5. Worked with their Community of Practice to collaboratively generate, grow and test ideas for improvement and produce a pitch for an improvement idea using Improvement Science and “greenhousing" tools

6. Made at least one change in their immediate work area to support a culture of improvement and developed a plan to build on this over a 6-month period.

7. Developed a long-term accountable relationship with two other participants to form a “learning and accountability trio” to continually challenge each other in the development and use of skills gained on the programme over the course of their careers.

Who is it for?

We are looking for individuals with at least some experience of leadership development, even if it is at the very basic level. 

We want to ensure that those attending are aware of the monumental task that is changing the way in which the health and social care sector thinks and operates. The learning is not just a repetition of current NHS methodology, repeating the same behaviours expecting different results. We intend to provide a different experience that supports movement toward a health and social care sector that integrates well and is an environment where leaders feel they have autonomy to think and act innovatively.

This will be a challenging programme. You will be encouraged to learn beyond your comfort zone but in an environment that feels safe and encouraging. You will take away new learning which may meet resistance when you go back into your own workplace and virtual action learning has been built into the programmes as a means to support participants in maintaining positivity, energy as well as a forum to share challenges.

What next?

To apply for the programme, you will first need to register your interest by following this link and clicking the purple 'sign up for event' button at the top of the page. You will then be sent an application form via email within one working week. You will need to return your application to by 22nd December 2017. You can find more information about the programme and the dates you will need to be available in the information pack below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either:

Amy Foster, Programme Lead  

Lucy Titterton, Programme Coordinator