OD and Talent Management Community of Practice

What brings this community together, gives it its identity, and defines the key issues that we need to address is a shared understanding of Organisational Development and how we use it to support the NHSI ‘Developing People - Improving Care' Framework

Following on from our previous meeting we have shaped the format of the meeting as follows:

-    Catch-Up – checking-in as a group – what is happening for you in your own context at an individual and organisational level? – identifying opportunities for peer support and shared learning through experiences.

-    Sharing – A slot led by a member(s) of the community to either share a project that has gone well and could be adopted for scale and spread. Or a practical tool/technique that others may find useful in their practice.

-    A collaborative project – ensuring the group is action/output focused through collaborative working on a project that adds value to OD/TM across East Midlands organisations. 

Our next session will be on the 18th March 2019

 Our Mission:  –

‘’To Share and learn together to develop the capacity and capability of people to do the right thing’’


  • Time to explore, shape and develop ideas
  • Create platforms to share
  • Create some ‘inter – OD work’ – looking at systems
  • Developing our own OD talent
  • Raising awareness of our practice in the wider world
  • Being a transformative ‘force’