EMLA Shortlisted for HSJ Value Award - Training and Development Initiative of the Year

Wed 6th Mar 2019 – by Liz McIntyre

The shortlist was today announced for the HSJ Value Awards 2019 and we are delighted to share that The East Midlands Leadership Academy (EMLA) is a finalist in the Training and Development Initiative of the Year category.

"I am absolutely thrilled to see our Supporting Transformation Programme recognised in this way and commend the team for designing an intervention that supports leaders and drives transformation in such an innovative way," says EMLA Director Paul O'Neill.

Delivered by Arup, the programme has run successfully over four years and has been continually adapted and improved to reflect the changing needs of leaders working within the emergent NHS context. 

More than 250 delegates have experienced the programme and have described the initiative in the following ways:

“An invaluable course for anyone looking to enhance their skills”

 “What seems like such a simple process takes true skill and confidence to make work. This is exactly what the programme brought.”

“What a fantastic 10-weeks of learning, development and self-discovery. I’d highly recommend it to anybody”

“In my time with the NHS I have attended more training events than I can count, but can honestly say that this was one of the best, it was relevant, up to date and very supportive.”

“It is a really positive course and the learning has stayed with me. In terms of the impact to my team, they were more assured and we seemed to be far more successful following my attendance. We were all undergoing a period of transition at the time so my learning from the course really helped us as a team a lot. From August I actually moved on to another role, and being able to do this was partly due to the increased confidence I gained from attending the programme.”

I think it will help me to lead better; giving me tools to lead and the credibility to lead. In essence I hope it will support me in being a good leader. It also helped me to consider how I portray myself as well; the NHS is not always leading teams it is also about how you lead ideas and approaches”

“I can not speak highly enough of this course and have fed back to managers that it would be of great benefit to others within the organisation”

The programme aims to:

  • Build shared understanding of issues across the region, and the reality of leading complex change
  • Develop individual resilience and personal effectiveness
  • Create shared purpose within a team
  • Enable strong relationships with communities, partners and other stakeholders at the macro level
  • Enhance influencing and negotiation skills to drive change at the micro level
  • Encourage innovation and creative thinking

To find out more about the programme or other EMLA offers, please see the website, sign up to our fortnightly bulletin or contact the team.