Healthcare Leadership Model Facilitator Training

What's the Healthcare Leadership Model?

The Healthcare Leadership Model is useful for everyone because it describes the things you can see leaders doing at work and demonstrates how you can develop as a leader – even if you’re not in a formal leadership role.

How does it work?

The model is made up of nine leadership dimensions, which you can explore in your own time, at your own pace. You’ll find brief descriptions of each dimension – why it is important and ‘what it is not’ – so that you can fully understand it in relation to your role.

Once you’ve explored the dimensions, you may want to undertake the free self assessment tool, which helps you to assess your leadership behaviours and more fully understand your leadership development.  A 360 degree feedback tool is also available to help give you insight into other people’s perceptions of your leadership abilities and behaviour.

Who is this facilitator training for?

This is training for anyone who would like to become an accredited facilitator of NHS Healthcare Leadership Model 360° feedback model, so you can help those undertaking a 360° to understand and explore their report and develop an action plan.

For further information please contact Hayley Gosling, Programme Lead on 0115 7484277 or email 

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The Healthcare Leadership Model Snake and Ladders game