Healthcare Leadership Model Facilitator Training

This training session will allow you to become an accredited facilitator of the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model so you can help those undertaking a 360° to understand and explore their report and develop an action plan.

This training focuses on the Healthcare Leadership Model and comprises three parts:

Part One Prior to the face-to-face workshop you are required to complete an e-learning module and undertake your own 360° questionnaire.

Part Two A face-to-face workshop which will enable you to acquire the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to effectively use the Healthcare Leadership Model and explore the 360° reports.

Part Three In order to remain accredited you must facilitate at least two 360° reports each year.


To fully subscribed member organisations, costs are included in your subscription and no fee is applicable.  If you are unsure if your organisation has membership, please see our eligibility information

Cancellation Policy

Our full cancellation terms and conditions have been outlined in our policy.


For further information please email or call 0115 748 4277 and ask to speak to the programme lead.