Systems Leadership Masterclass - Northampton

Wednesday, 18th March, 2020 9:00am to 4:30pm

Systems Leadership Masterclass



The overarching policy context in health and social care requires a different way of thinking and acting across the whole system. The agenda for transformational change and developing new models of integrated care is both exciting and stretching. It calls for leadership at every level in the system, whether as frontline leaders, emerging leaders, experienced clinical and professional leaders or patient leaders. In a system already at risk of change fatigue, this makes considerable demands on leaders.


The aim of this masterclass is to enable participants to explore what good systems leadership means in the context of their leadership challenges in their local system. Moving from individual, target driven, competitive and regulated organisations towards collaborative, inclusive, outcome focused and risk managed systems whilst maintaining quality and compassion and wellbeing requires a different sort of leadership than the traditional heroic paradigm. The masterclass series is designed to facilitate that process of exploration and discovery, and deliver impact at individual leader, organisation and system level.


The session is designed to explore Systems Leadership, the underpinning systems theory and systems thinking concepts, and to focus particularly on the tools and skills systems leaders can use to work positively with difference.

We’ll look at what working in a system means, and why leaders need to think differently about leading in systems as opposed to more traditional models of organizational leadership. We’ll look at the importance of managing transformational change to deliver new value, and consider influencing strategies and the challenges of collaborating to compete. We’ll look at tools for measuring system leadership capability and the factors that support effective engagement and influencing for change.

We’ll consider examples of how Systems Leadership is being applied in whole health and social care systems, helping people make real change and deliver person-centred services. The day will be a mix of theory and practice with an emphasis on experiential exercises and reflection so that delegates explore what systems leadership really mens, in practice, and in relation to their own leadership challenges.

Participants will:

  • develop their understanding of systems thinking and systems theory.
  • ground this understanding in the experience of leaders in their own and other health and social care systems
  • analyse the challenges in implementing system leadership approaches, including managing conflict, creating shared purpose and sharing power.
  • begin to build connections and peer-support networks as they seek to implement these models and ideas in their own organisations and local systems.

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