Coaching Signatures CPD 09:30

Monday, 9th March, 2020 9:30am to 12:30pm

This event will delivered by Becci from Boo Coaching and will run over one day with 2 separate sessions. Participants only need to attend one.

Join Becci from Team Boo for an interactive coaching event where we will explore your Coaching Signatures ProfileTM and how understanding this can have an impact on your coaching development.

What is it all about?

Your Coaching Signatures ProfileTM provides you with an evaluative and self-reflective coaching report which gives unique data and insights for exploration with your Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisor (ACSS). Your Supervisor will help you to understand your coaching signature and the coaching posture/s you adopt when working with clients. You will be encouraged to use this insight for reflecting on, and improving your coaching practice. It is absolutely not a label to place upon yourself which cannot change.

The Coaching Signatures ProfileTM is a metaphor-rich profiling tool used to inform your current and emerging coaching- practice through self-awareness. This enables you to understand and develop strategies to enhance the relational space and the coaching agenda that you encounter with your clients and the contexts within which they work. It allows you to identify both your own ‘natural’ coaching signature and also the way in which this changes in relation to your clients i.e. the different coaching 'postures' you adopt with different clients.

Your profile data can provide an invaluable chronology of your coaching practice. It can be collated to build a reflective and reflexive journal of your client work thereby supporting your continuing personal and professional development (CPPD). It provides a unique and dynamic framework to observe and evaluate change over time, thus ensuring and demonstrating optimum coaching performance and flexibility of your coaching skills repertoire for both you and your clients.

How to secure your place

Register your place by Monday 24th February 2020. Choose am or pm session. Once you have secured your place you will receive a link to complete an online assessment which will take up to an hour. This will generate a report which will be shared with you at the session on 9th March 2020.

Facilitated by Becci Martin and her team from Boo Coaching and Consulting, an award winning coach and coaching supervisor who brings energy and compassion to her group and 1:1 sessions. You may have met Becci via the virtual supervision sessions over the past 3 years.

Who's it For?

This workshop is a CPD opportunity for coaches who are registered on the East Midlands Leadership Academy Coach bank and who wish to support the NHS Leadership Academy East Midlands Supporting Transformation Programme 19/20.   

If you currently coach in the East Midlands and hold an EMCC/ILM5 or ILM7 coaching qualification and wish to join the EMLA coaching register to access this offer please contact the Programme Lead in the first instance. 


This workshop is free to staff employed in NHS funded organisations within the East Midlands and who are registered on the EMLA coaching bank. 

Cancellation Policy

Our full cancellation terms and conditions have been outlined in our policy.


For further information please email or call 0115 748 4277 and ask to speak to the programme lead.

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