Coaching CPD – Supporting Transformation

Tuesday, 9th October, 2018 9:00am to 5:00pm

Coaching to enhance system thinking, resilience and courage to lead a transformed NHS

The Supporting Transformation Programme will be restarting in November, 2018 and will develop existing skills, behaviours and knowledge to support transformation at every level of the health and social care system.

As part of the programme delegates will be encouraged to connect with an EMLA coach in order to help them explore learning needs and challenges, reflect on their approach, and understand how to enact change within the system. It is a crucial part of delegate learning.

This CPD day will:

  1. Inform coaches about the Supporting Transformation Programme
  2. Enhance and build on your capability to support coachees in delivering system transformation

To do this we will:

  • Draw upon the experience within the room – utilising and supporting the experience that may already exist in the coaching network
  • Consider common challenges that may be raised as individuals set out to enact transformation, such as:
    • Personal resilience – pushing forward when we are out of our comfort zone, feel challenged, or are unsure
    • Making sense of what the system is – how to navigate the many different dynamics across organisations, stakeholders and teams
    • Negotiating the barriers and recognising opportunities to do things differently
    • Making decisions when the right answer isn’t obvious, or there may be several possible routes to follow
    • Finding and connecting to personal purpose in what we are doing

Please note on signing up for this session a short needs analysis survey will be sent to you. Completion of this survey will enable the facilitation team to understand how to create a day that will offer most value to the coaching network.

Who is it for?

All coaches registered to the EMLA coaching database, and those currently completing the EMCC coach mentoring practitioner level qualification.

How many sessions

We would like coaches to deliver a minimum of two coaching sessions to their matched delegate whilst the programme is running. The programme starts in November and finishes in March, so this is a 6 month window. Above two sessions, coach and coachee are free to arrange sessions at a number and frequency that suits them. It is also fine for coaching to continue after March, if this is agreed to by both coach and coachee and suits both parties.

In addition, to ensure that everyone on the programme has access to a coach, it would be great if those with availability could take on two or more delegates as coaching clients. However, we recognise that not all coaches will be able to do this, and would encourage you not to be put off if you can only coach one individual.

Where are the sessions?

Delegates will come from across the East Midlands region, and will be divided into three cohorts broadly aligned to their geographical location (Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire) – recognising that not everyone will fit into these patches. It will be up to delegates to choose a coach that they think best suits their needs – it is likely that they will consider location of coach within this, and the ease of meeting up – we will certainly encourage them to do so.  Coaches are free to decline requests if it is not feasible for them to meet up with the delegate within reasonable boundaries.

Cancellation Policy

Our full cancellation terms and conditions have been outlined in our policy.


For further information please email or call 0115 748 4277 and ask to speak to the programme lead.

Registration closed

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Unit 1 Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX
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