EMCC Coaching Diploma

Please note we are no longer taking applications for this programme for 2019 /  2020.

If you would like to develop your coaching skills please see our Coaching Skills for Leaders workshops, under the Complete Leadership Series.

The role of coaching and individual coaches is increasing within NHS organisations, as an approach to enable organisations and their people to become more resilient, connected to the wider system and ‘change ready’.

This Practitioner Level Diploma in Coach Mentoring is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and will:

  • Develop a cohort of coaches with the academic knowledge necessary to underpin their practice and the ability to continue their learning independently after completing the programme.
  • Enhance the confidence and experience of participants to enable them to be effective coaches

Who is it for?

The diploma is for anyone who wants to become a qualified coach and who has strong support from their line manager and their organisation. Delegates will build rapport with a range of people at different levels in organisations as well gaining the opportunity to coach within their current role.

Delegates need to be able and willing to coach other NHS staff across the East Midlands, to contribute to regular supervision sessions and to be coached – therefore understanding the ‘coaching journey’.


To fully subscribed member organisations, costs are included in your subscription and no fee is applicable.  If you are unsure if your organisation has membership, please see our eligibility information

Cancellation Policy

Our full cancellation terms and conditions have been outlined in our policy.


For further information please email EastMidlands.LeadershipAcademy@nottshc.nhs.uk or call 0115 748 4277 and ask to speak to the programme lead.