Learning programme and events, and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Notice of temporary activity suspension

As a result of ongoing developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), all learning programmes and events of the East Midlands Leadership Academy are being suspended with immediate effect from today, 18 March 2020, for 16 weeks in the first instance.

This is not a step that we have taken lightly but given the unique nature of our programme participants being drawn from the NHS workforce and wider health and care, and in response to concerns that have been raised, it is both a compassionate and practical step. This ensures that we are all able to fully support the vital work required to manage the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The current national focus is to reduce the progression of the virus through social distancing, so it’s now more important than ever, that we all focus on service delivery, helping local health and care services to provide patients with the care and information they need to stay safe and well.

We recognise that in addition to your roles, be they patient facing or otherwise, we all have a wider societal role and responsibility to reduce infection rates where possible, and that we all also have families or loved ones for whom we may need to care.

Please note that we are likely to be re-deployed across different areas during the next few weeks, but we will continue to be available for support if you and colleagues need it.

Please continue to contact us at

Further information will be provided in due course.

A list of current events which have been postponed are detailed below and will be rescheduled in due course: 

16/03/2020                     Talent Mangement Community of Practice 

17/03/2020                     Stepping Up Local - Module 2 - Day 1 

18/03/2020                     Stepping Up Local - Module 2 - Day 2 

25/03/2020                      Relationships and Connectivity 

26/03/2020                      HLM Unconscious Bias Training 

26/03/2020                      Talent Management Buidling Capability Programme - Module 3 

28/04/2020                      Talent Management Building Capbility Programme - Module 4 

06/05/2020                       Living Systems Leadership Programme  - Cohort 2 - Workshop 4 

07/05/2020                      Living Systems Leadership Programme - Cohort 2 - Workshop 4

14/07/2020                      Living Systems Leadership Programme  - Cohort 2 - Workshop 5