Complete Leadership Series: Complex Conversations Workshop

Complex Conversations

Having ‘difficult’ conversations that lead to productive results is an essential leadership skill to ensure effective management of performance, conflict and change. The ability to be able to communicate effectively, being clear, honest and responsive in the current challenging climate of reduced budgets and resources, responding to local and national priorities and managing ongoing change is more important than ever to be able to deliver results.

This highly experiential and practical workshop will explore different approaches to and methods of communication and the impact of these to increase awareness.

 Key Themes

  • Increased self-awareness of own mindset and the impact of being assertive
  • Understand and practice different methods of communicating effectively
  • Increased confidence and capability to have ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Understand different reactions to conflict and the benefit of making informed choices
  • Recognise own and individuals different responses to change and how to manage      differing needs
  • Having a toolkit of different methods to utilise in challenging scenarios


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This workshop is part of the Complete Leadership Series