Complete Leadership Series

A series of practical one-day workshops designed to support managers in the operational leadership and management aspects of their roles.

The Complete Leadership Series is a series of practical one-day workshops designed to support managers in the operational leadership and management aspects of their roles.

Aimed at staff at band 6 and above these workshops will provide skills in areas of communication, team development, creativity, leadership, commercial awareness and project management. 

Influencing Beyond Authority

Great leaders do not rely on hierarchical power to drive decision making but use their influencing, leadership and people skills to build relationships.This workshop examines what skills and techniques operational leaders can employ to build more effective relationships beyond their sphere of influence.

Key Themes

  • Influencing techniques in an NHS environment
  • Tools and techniques to persuade and engage beyond hierarchical authority
  • Finding common ground to negotiate with
  • Understanding motivational drivers
  • Knowing when and when not to negotiate
  • Facilitating good conversations – questioning and coaching techniques
  • Dealing with conflict and challenges 

Creative Thinking 

Having ‘difficult’ conversations that lead to productive results is an essential leadership skill to ensure effective management of performance, conflict and change. The ability to be able to communicate effectively, being clear, honest and responsive in the current challenging climate of reduced budgets and resources, responding to local and national priorities and managing ongoing change is more important than ever to be able to deliver results.

This highly experiential and practical workshop will explore different approaches to and methods of communication and the impact of these to increase awareness.

Key Themes

  • Increased self-awareness of own mindset and the impact of being assertive
  • Understand and practice different methods of communicating effectively
  • Increased confidence and capability to have ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Understand different reactions to conflict and the benefit of making informed choices
  • Recognise own and individuals different responses to change and how to manage differing needs
  • Having a toolkit of different methods to utilise in challenging scenarios

An Introduction to Project Management

A one-day non-accredited workshop introducing participants to the discipline of planning, organising and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

The workshop will cover:

  • A basic over view of the principles and processes of project management from initiating to closing    a project.
  • An opportunity to view project management templates and understand when to use them.
  • Scenario based exercises enabling you to have a go at managing a project using the principles and processes covered

Leading & Managing Change

We know that the NHS as a system experiences change frequently however the impact.  This one-day workshop will provide managers with the skills and behaviours to support their staff through times of change in a way that maintains team performance.  It will also give managers an insight into their own motivations and how their personal performance may be impacted through change.

Key Themes

  • Understanding and communicating change
  • The change curve
  • Understanding resistance to change and emotional impact
  • Supporting and leading people through change
  • Tools, models, techniques which enable and support change
  • Why change management fails

Relationships and Connectivity

This practical one day workshop will:

  • Develop your skills and behavioural competencies
  • Enable you to build trusting relationships and connect outside your own area of work
  • Help you to creating connections with patient and public users.
  • Focus on recognising and accepting difference
  • Look at ways to improve your connections across the system
  • Help you to influence and negotiate beyond your authority
  • Better equip you to manage fear of conflict

Leading & Developing Great Teams

There is strong evidence to suggest that effective employee engagement leads to greater productivity, efficiency and most importantly, excellent patient care. So what can a manager and leader do to elevate their team performance and motivate others against a backdrop of uncertainty, increasing demand and organisational change? This participative workshop will look at the tools and techniques managers can utilise to get the very best from their people.

Key Themes

  • Developing a high performing team – what does it look like, how can success be measured, what tools and techniques can be employed
  • Managing underperformance
  • Giving feedback and encouragement
  • Employee engagement techniques
  • Dealing with conflict and challenge
  • Embedding organisational values and beliefs

Coaching Skills for Leaders

The role of coaching and individual coaches is increasingly featuring more prominently within NHS organisations, as an approach to enable organisations and its people to become more resilient, connected to the wider system and ‘change ready’.  Coaching as a leadership style aims to use a questioning technique to release the potential of colleagues thus in turn allowing individuals, teams and organisations to reach further and continue to evolve; a coaching culture is one of limitless potential. Equipping leaders with the skills to coach rather than instruct will help to create cultures that encourage innovation, learning and a focus on the broader issues.

EMLA is excited to be delivering this 2 day non-residential workshops for leaders to enhance the confidence and experience of participants enable them to champion coaching as a leadership style.

Developing an Effective Business Case

 This highly structured, hands-on, practical one day course will help participants understand how they can create a business case that is credible and compelling. The workshop will explore what key ingredients need to be incorporated to maximise the chances of it being authorised and initiated.

Resilient Leadership 

This workshop will explore how leaders can build resilience to improve how they can look after themselves effectively as well as lead others in a way that engages and motivates.

Key Themes

  • An exploration of resilience in an NHS environment
  • Theories, models, tools and techniques to help improve and increase resilience
  • The role of emotional intelligence, resilience and self-awareness in leadership
  • Understanding how to promote resilience in themselves as well as others
  • Resilience and change
  • The value of support networks

Further information

If you have any queries about the series, please contact the East Midlands Leadership Academy Team  Email: