The East Midlands Leadership Academy (EMLA) aims to develop leadership capacity and capability within the East Midlands system by designing, commissioning and delivering the highest quality leadership development opportunities for NHS and staff, equipping them with the right skills, attitudes and behaviours to deliver the best possible quality of care to patients.

Members of EMLA are able to take full advantage of the locally scheduled programme of events as part of their membership package while bespoke days are available on a consultancy basis. Bespoke days involve a collaborative approach to analysing and identifying localised areas of need resulting in the design of a tailored intervention delivered by our expert faculty, in your place of work.

In a new partnership with NHS Elect, EMLA members are also now able to access a plethora of non-leadership training opportunities which include Patient experience improvement programmes, Branding advice and guidance as well as programmes designed to support recruitment.

As part of the NHS Leadership Academy, EMLA has a role to play in helping to address both local and national priorities with demonstrable impact at individual, team and organisational level. We also have a systems focus, supporting Sustainable Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).