Coaching is a proven excellent way for senior leaders to develop and expand their skill set with a particular emphasis on developing self awareness, resilience and an understanding of the teams in which they work.Coaching can offer insights into our own strengths and areas for developement and creates a space to think differently and more creatively in order to realise our potential.  

Who is this programme aimed at?

Currently, coaching is available to NHS staff across the East Midlands at bands 7 and above.

Testimonial from an individual that has experienced coaching:

"The coaching I received has made a significant impact on how I approach all aspects of my work and home life. My coach gave me the time and space to truly reflect on the behaviours and feelings that were clouding my vision. Through her warm and open approach she challenged my beliefs and helped me to see the wood from the trees and how to understand and recognise my own strengths and manage areas of development.

 As a result of our time together, I have a totally different approach to all aspects of my working life. I can now reflect on who I was and where I have come to with great appreciation and thanks for the amazing toolkit that they provided to support me both personally and professionally. A truly valuable and inspiring learning journey."

Our Coaching database

The East Midlands Leadership Academy’s online coaching portal can be accessed here.

Whilst we build our database of qualified coaches, we ask that member organisations help us to control the demand for coaching by putting forward suitable coachees themselves.

All of the coaches on the database are currently undertaking an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and have been ‘signed off’ to coach by their learning provider; they also complete regular supervision and CPD sessions.

Both coaches and coachees will need to complete their details on the coaching database which will be visible to other potential coaches and coachees and through this coachees will eventually have the opportunity to 'self select' (depending upon availability) their coach.

If you would like to request coaching for somebody in your organisation then please click on the link below and select the ‘Register as a coachee’ box. Then all you need to do is enter the relevant details and follow the instructions on screen.

All coaching is provided face to face and free of charge, and coaches will work across the East Midlands.

Please click here to register or log in.

If you are interested in having personal coaching:

Please contact the Academy for further information and to register your details.