Organisational Development (OD)

OD in Practice Programme

To respond to the increasing pressures in the system around commitment to a longer term intervention, we are reshaping the OD in Practice Programme. 

We believe that the aim of OD In Practice is not to just develop a practitioners, but also to grow capacity and build OD leadership/capacity across the system. The purpose of OD is to improve the quality and safety of patient care enabling people to transform systems…. one’s that are becoming increasingly complex and new. We are developing OD practitioners to use behavioural science in order to align strategy and capability. 

We know that OD work nationally is about amplifying the humanity in our organisations, enabling people to flourish, thrive and have meaning in their work. There’s a need to ensure we create the right environment for people to do their best work. We would like to work with you to build the capacity across East Midlands where leadership in particular can be confident in encouraging;

•             co-production

•             curiosity

•             creativity

•             courage.

The plan

Using the above to guide our thinking we are proposing a programme ‘kick off’ day on Wednesday 28th March 2018 in which we will convene as a group to explore ‘the world we are in’ through a facilitated exercise.  This will shape where the focus needs to be and help us answer – what is needed from OD Practitioners? How do we need to be and what do we need to do? 

From this exercise we will co-design, as a group, a series of masterclasses that will form the content of the OD In Practice Programme.

We would like to invite along some OD Alumni to this session to share their insights on the current context and harness their experience.  You will also be encouraged to think about who, in addition to this cohort, you would like to attend each of the masterclasses. These can be current colleagues or people across the system who would benefit from some input. The plan is to spread the learning more widely. In essence, this an exciting chance to shape something relevant and meaningful for OD development across the region that’s driven by you.

The masterclasses will be delivered by the Frontline Team but we would also like to offer the opportunity for you to utilise and strengthen your practical OD skills by co-facilitating one of the sessions alongside the provider.

In addition to the series of OD Masterclasses, learning will be accessed through the programme’s developed virtual campus, which includes, interactive content, discussion forums and online resources.

You will receive individual feedback on a Talent Q psychometric report to emphasise the personal development component of the programme as well as Action Learning to work through ‘live’ work based OD challenges drawing on the perspectives of others to develop new thinking and solutions to problems.

Next steps:

To confirm your attendance on the 28th March please contact Lucy Titterton at by the 31st January 2018.