Mindgym Conference

Monday, 12th June, 2017 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Mindgym Conference

The Mindgym conference will be a day aimed at giving delegates the opportunity to change the way they think around different topics.

Starting the day with a “Wake up Your Mind” session, similar in style to a TED talk, this session will help delegates realise when they are acting on autopilot, the impact this has on their effectiveness, and how to challenge the status quo.

Delegates will experience a “Walk of Life” session focused on Authentic Leadership allowing delegates to consider what this really means to them.

The conference will give delegates the opportunity to take part in one of five available “workouts” throughout the afternoon; that will explore various principles and areas of interest. Please see below details of the five workouts.

Who is the day aimed at

This conference is aimed at all leaders across the East Midlands, with a real interest in developing their leadership skills. It is open to all sectors of the NHS workforce.  We actively encourage attendance from those in clinical and medical roles, clinical commissioning groups and primary care.  We are especially interested in ensuring that leaders represent the diverse backgrounds that we serve across the East Midlands and would warmly welcome applications from underrepresented groups, whose involvement would richly add to the day.

The Workouts

Courageous conversations

The greatest barrier to any success is fear; of the unknown, of failure or of conflict.  In some conversations we can face all these fears at once and finding the courage to start that communication can be testing.

This workout takes on the challenge of generating open and honest dialogue.  These types of conversations are especially important during time of change or following the delivery of (often unwelcome) information. By discovering how delegates can deliver messages in a way that feel positive, they will be less likely to avoid them in the future. 

By the end of the workout delegates will have:

  • Discovered the benefits of having difficult conversations
  • Recognised common blocks that get in the way of these conversations as well as how to overcome them
  • Learnt how to control and regulate their emotions
  • Become better able to handle other’s behaviour during conflict.
Change Agility

Sometimes it feels as if life’s only constant is change itself.  Outside of work, personal circumstances and relationships shift continuously.  And when we reach our desks, ever-changing systems and practices make it seem as if the goal posts are constantly moving.  Those who embrace new approaches find themselves no only surviving but thriving in even the most uncertain of environments.  Their secret weapon?  Change agility.

Developing this skill involves understanding where delegates get blocked, and how we can move beyond just tolerating change.  The damaging behaviour patterns that develop from previous change can be hard to shake.  But change agility is all about identifying these patterns, challenging the beliefs that underpin them, and making a strategy for embracing the future.

By the end of this workout delegates will have:

  • Identified their typical reactions to change, and the change strategies that have worked for them in the past.
  • Understood what blocks and reduces their agility, and how they can overcome these to remain agile in the moment.
  • Explored tactics to use to become truly agile. 

True Grit

Being determined, driven or downright stubborn – it’s the scarce source of power we sometimes need to get us over the line – and we call it grit. In this workout, you will learn how to build grit in yourself and your team. It won’t make your problems go away but it will unlock a new strength for dealing with adversity and sustaining performance for the long term.

By the end of this workout delegates will have:

  • Reflected on times when your own levels of grit influenced how well you achieved your goals
  • Discovered how you can build your reserves of grit
  • Explored ways to stay focused when the ‘going gets tough’
  • Uncovered a path back to high performance after the occasional setback

Knowing Me, Knowing You

When you lean towards what and who you know, you are more likely to dismiss what you don’t – passing over great ideas, disregarding talent or missing a fantastic party. With a little effort to cherish people who are dissimilar, you’ll have the right formula to help you perform better and lead a richer, fuller life.

By the end of this workout delegates will have:

  • Defined your own identity and explored your ‘expanded’ and ‘diminished self
  • Understood the importance of psychological safety at work
  • Explored who we naturally connect with and why
  • Become more mindful of our response to those we perceive as different from us
  • Opened up to more people around us

Trust Me

How can we build trust with our teams and colleagues within our own organisation and across the system, so that they see us as more than just a subject specific expert – and instead as a trusted guide they can turn to for help on almost any issue and what that then ultimately means for our patients?

By the end of this workout delegates will have:

  • Recognised the importance of trust and the opportunities it can bring
  • Considered the four levels of trust
  • Found out your default style when it comes to trust building
  • Explored the four levers to building trust
  • Discussed ways to use these levers to build trust with different people
  • Considered the behaviours associated with individuals who establish trust in their relationships
  • Worked through the blocks to applying these behaviours in the workplace

Please see attached agenda for the running order of the day

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