Supporting Transformation Programme


The NHS and social care is a large and complex system and the prospect of changing is a daunting challenge. Whilst there is general acceptance of what needs to change, every part of the system is finding it hard to know how to do it; moving from concept to implementation.

The 5YFV is a huge driver. Indeed, leadership is seen by all as the critical factor in enabling and innovating change. Today's 'wicked problems' can't be 'managed' or heroically led. Messy problems require different, messy solutions and call for new approaches to leading transformation.

Leading across systems, beyond traditional roles and hierarchy requires behavioural change for our leaders. Supporting Transformation is designed to support healthcare leaders in dealing with complex transition. Beginning at a fundamentally personal level, the programme will develop participants to have the skills, behaviours and knowledge to support transformation in team, organisations and systems.

The Supporting Transformation programme will offer an intensive development opportunity exploring the following themes:

  • Defining transformation
  • Understanding self
  • You as a leader of transformation
  • Navigating political and organisational change
  • Leading future change

Who is it for?

All colleagues who are currently looking to develop the skills needed to lead transformation and are able to demonstrate their commitiment to the programme and to all the dates shown below.

Key Programme Dates:

The next cohort of Supporting Transformation is now open for applications, and will take place on the following dates (please note, you will need to attend all of the learning dates)

Day 1 – 19th January,2018

Day 2 – 8th February, 2018

Day 3 – 21st February, 2018

Day 4 – 16th March, 2018

Day 5 – 27th March, 2018

To apply, you will first need to register your interest here. We will then email you an application form within 2 working days, which you should fill out and return to us no later than 5pm on Monday 4th December, 2017.